Sunroom Decorating Ideas That’ll Help You Brighten Your Space

August 16, 2019

You finally took the leap and added that sunroom you’ve always wanted. It’s the room of your dreams, and you plan to spend every spare minute you can in it. But first, you want to decorate it. And let’s face it, now that you’re past the construction, the decorating is the fun part.  You’ve been studying…


What to Know Before Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

January 16, 2018

adding a sunroom

Picture this: it’s early evening on a Sunday, and you’re sitting outside in your garden drinking a glass of Pinot Noir. Winter is on its way, so you want to enjoy the outdoors before the bad weather and blankets of snow take over your beloved landscape. There’s one problem. You’re getting uncomfortably cold, and your…

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