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The True Cost of a Custom Home Build: Finance Your Dream In 7 Steps

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If you’re one of the many Canadians choosing to build a custom home instead of buying pre-made, keep reading.  While building a house from scratch offers you the chance to customize a home to fulfill your wish list and suit your lifestyle, it can also present financial challenges. Timing Is ...

Getting the Best Team: What to Look For in Cabin Builders in Alberta

One of the oldest buildings in Canada still standing today is the Osterhout log cabin, built around 1795. The timeless style and clear evidence that log homes can withstand the harshest ...

Soak up Sun: Building a Sunroom in Alberta to Take Advantage of Canada’s Sunniest Province

Wouldn't it be great if you could bring the sun indoors year round? Well, turns out you can by building a sunroom in Alberta, Canada's sunniest province. In fact, the ...
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Decorating Trends That Are OUT In 2019

New year, new trends! As 2019 ushers in a fresh set of eye-catching decorating practices, we pay homage to those trends that came before. Here are the decorating trends that ...

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