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The True Cost of a Custom Home Build: Finance Your Dream In 7 Steps

a beautiful home
If you’re one of the many Canadians choosing to build a custom home instead of buying pre-made, keep reading.  While building a house from scratch offers you the chance to customize a home to fulfill your wish list and suit your lifestyle, it can also present financial challenges. Timing Is ...
Home Remodelling

5 Pieces of Advice You Need to Read Before Home Remodelling

In an ideal world, we would skip the idea of a starter home and jump directly into owning our dream home. In today’s market, that simply isn’t the case for ...
Outdoor Living Space

4 Popular & Easy Herb Garden Ideas to Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living space gives you a place to enjoy the great outdoors without giving up the amenities of home. Your outdoor living space can be functional and provide you ...

5 Ways Building A Deck Can Enhance Your Home

When we think of a house, we automatically focus on the basics - exterior, kitchen space, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. We concentrate on these qualities because they’re where we ...

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