How to Choose the Best Home Builders

March 28, 2018

home builders

On average, home building in Canada costs about $140 to $200 per square foot. Of course, this still depends on several factors, such as the location site of your perfect home and who will build it. Building a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle home doesn’t have to be a headache. But it can quickly…


6 Reasons to Build That Custom Log Cabin You’ve Always Wanted

March 15, 2018

log cabin

When you want to just escape from it all, there’s no better place to switch off from the world than in a log cabin. And, contrary to popular belief, cabins aren’t just for vacations – they make wonderful homes as well. Architectural styles between log homes vary greatly, and they can be as big or…

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8 Inspirational Man Cave Ideas for Remodelling Your Basement

March 1, 2018

man cave ideas

We all crave a little getaway from time-to-time, somewhere to escape and get our mind off the stresses of everyday life. But all too often that getaway is just not attainable – be it time and money constraints, or perhaps your babysitter is the one off on a getaway! That’s why an in-house escape is…

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